Role and Importance of Mars in Astrology


While your sun sign is often “over” discussed in astrology, your Mars sign is seldom talked about. In fact, not even all fanatics of astrology are familiar with the latter’s existence. But did you know that Mars astrology can determine whether or not you’ll win in life?

In fact, of all the astrological signs, your Mars sign is perhaps the most life-defining. Even if your sun or rising signs can define who you are, it is your Mars sign that propels you towards your goals. This makes Mars astrology so vital, even when it is poorly discussed among beginners.

With that, join us as we dig deeper into Mars Astrology, its role, and its importance in understanding our natal chart!

Mars Astrology: What is it and why is it Important?

Mars astrology is important since your Mars sign bears your courage and will. In essence, this sign defines how you will act towards your goal. Just like other signs in the zodiac, its purpose is centered on revealing our instincts and drives. Thus, when we want something, our Mars sign depicts how we’ll get there.

More particularly, the Mars sign also dictates our sexuality, including our sexual drive. The direction we’ll take is often defined by the corresponding zodiac sign that’s reflected based on our date and place of birth.

Lastly, it also feeds the fuel to our creativity and passions. While we may differ in the kinds of hobbies and pursuits that we make in life, we all share the Mars sign as the root of our core energy and willpower.

With that, identifying the meaning of your Mars sign is crucial in getting to know how you’d approach life. This makes Mars astrology a vital component, as it defines your competitiveness and drive to win against life’s challenges!

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